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Discover our premium beauty services at the W Hair Experience. We offer a wide range of personalised services to suit your needs, including haircuts, colouring, hair treatments, hair styling and bridal make-up. 


Our highly qualified and experienced professionals use the latest trends in sophisticated techniques to enhance your natural beauty and ensure you leave feeling confident and radiant. 


Come and enjoy a unique care and relaxation experience in our cosy and sophisticated space. Schedule your visit to W Hair Experience now and allow us to take care of your beauty from the outside.


Revitalise your hair with our exclusive Vitamin C shower

Enjoy a unique hair care experience with the antioxidant power of vitamin C, only available at W Hair Experience. This treatment will deeply cleanse your hair, remove residues and prepare you for an even more impressive result. Book your visit now and experience the difference.


The vitamin C shower is offered free to all our clients as part of the service and is included in the price.

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